Week 10!

This week we had our major project concept presentations.

My Major project will be a Children’s under 7s coaching and lesson finder, for urban and extreme sports i.e BMX, Skateboarding, surfing and snow sports. i haven’t settled on a name yet but possible names are little rippers, radkidz or future pro kidz.

The feedback on my concept was mostly positive, some feedback included –

– Thumbs up for Little Rippers
– Like idea and scope – the ‘extreme sports’ focus will lend itself to a particular brand, identity and design.
– Social media or community to help drive content and promotion?
– However on flip side are there privacy and/or safety concerns about advertising time and location for children’s activities?
– Prisca – build for user-generated content rather than manually posting (about intensive) but can have middle ground of moderated postings?

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