Week 9!

This week was our last week of Design for Web Content. We discussed Responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design should be… Flexible, Adaptive, Responsive. Flexible web design means that a webpage can easily be viewed full- screen or in a resized browser window on a desktop monitor with widths being defined as percentages. Adaptive design means that a webpage can sense the screen width and configure itself accordingly, using fixed breakpoints. Responsive
design combines these 2 ideas, using flexibility between break points and providing a good user experience, irrespective of device/screen. the three important ingredients of responsive web design are.
  1. A flexible grid-based layout that uses relative sizing.
  2. Flexible images and media, through dynamic resizing or CSS.
  3. Media queries and media query listeners.

We discussed the mobile first approach,  which is down to practical reasons starting on a smaller screen for an easier process.  -progressive enhancement.

We also spoke about media queries – which are used to modify the CSS  of a site depending on qualities such as viewport size or device type.

Our home-work this week was to finish our 3 design objects 4-page website and have it linking from our course work home-page. And also, start working on our major project –  ready to have a discussion next week about our concept.



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