This week, we discussed lead code and Advanced CSS Advanced.

To keep your code in working order you need two processes validation – checking against known standards, and optimisation – self – redundancy format.   We learned that to keep our code lean we can also use CSS Selector types that allow us to target element without the use of targets.

Two main types are Combinator – defined by relationship with sibling elements and Structural pseudo classes –  defined by their location within a parent element.

We then discussed Media Style-sheets and Navigation –

We learned that links for media stylesheets are important because when you for example print out a web-page, you don’t get useless links and ads designed for the web. All the non-relevant content is removed.

<link rel=”stylesheet”media=”screen” href=/style/default.css”/

<link rel=”stylesheet”media=”print” href=/style/default.css”/

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