This week in design for web content, we talked about the presentation layer – CSS. The areas we went through included: style rules, applying styles- inline,  embedded and external, selectors- elements, classes and ids. We discussed the box model and also colours and hexadecimals which may sound really complicated (our eyes can differentiate over 16million colours), but with photo – shop you can work around that issue.

Our homework this week is to Create a style sheet for our examples of good design website, illustrating the range of options available to us in font, colour, link style, padding, border and margin etc. Link the style sheet to the of our html files, using the correct syntax.

After lunch, we had our first class of Applied art for the web.  In this class we talked about design principles including symmetric balance, direction of movement, radical balance, user interaction, repetition and rhythm,  and looked at loads of website old and still existing that are examples of them principles – whether we liked them or not.  We then this a small exercise with photoshop which i have no previous experience of!!  its seems very daunting right now.

Our homework this week is to to start creating a professional profile page selecting any information i  find suitable,  this  will span over 4 weeks,  so this week i have to :

  • write/edit/collect the information you’d like to feature on your profile
  • work with your given content to plan for effect presentation
  • sketch out your ideas in your sketchbook, experiment/iterate/refine
  • produce a digital mockup of your design (black/white only)

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