What i learned this week- WEEK 3!

The first half of our day, discussed  HTML more in depth. We looked as the  anatomy of a webpage, which looks like this:

  1. HTML- Structural layer
  2. CSS – Presentation layer
  3. JavaScript – Behavior Layer

We looked at the history of Markup,  we then looked at different HTML elements – tags, attributes and values. We looked at HTML structure –  <!DOCTYPE html> and Indentation which is   a way of reflecting the hierarchy, which helps us to understand our codes relationship to one another.

Code Validation is also something we discussed – WBC validation service is a site where you can check out the validation of your document.

Our home work this week is to create a four-page website using HTML (Index.html and three sub-pages)

In the second half of our day, we got to watch last years students give their major-project final presentations. I was really impressed with their website ideas but slightly nervous when they were explaining just how much work has gone into launching their websites. I think now is the time i should start brain- storming ideas for my major – project!

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