My Three examples of Good Websites.

  • The first website I have chosen is interior designer studio Andrey Sokruta’s website. The website encompasses their work brilliantly. It has unusual page flipping effects. the background images are full page which I think looks great.  Even though the design of the website is quite bold, it is still user friendly and easy to navigate.


  • The second website I have chose is online magazine woven.  I think the website is good because it features a clear design with large images to attract attention.   It uses clean typography which adds to the clear design. I think the content strategy is good, when you scroll down the page each image has a small amount but an effective amount to tell the user what the article is about, that design continues the whole way to the bottom of the screen which I think looks good. com/

  • The last website I have chosen is fashion retailer Zara.  The reasons I think this website is good is because of it simple layout,  its very user friendly, and keeps the user interested. Photos move across the screen to keep the user involved by showing the latest styles and trends.  When you choose the category you want on the menu it gives the user many options to browse. the images on the site are very large which i think looks great on a fashion website as you want to see as much of the clothes as possible.  Also when you click on an image you get lots of images for each piece of clothes so that is important to see lots of angles of the clothes when online shopping.

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