Week – 1!

Hello! This is my first post about Week one of my Masters in Web design.  In my first week, we had our introduction to the course and a workshop.  During our workshop we did an exercise on what makes a good website? Examples being – the content strategy, Is it fast, Is it responsive, Is it find able,  is it User friendly, is it accessible and also its design simplicity and clear branding.

We discussed different web browsers – some i hadn’t heard of before,  and also text editors and FTP clients.  We then installed WordPress and were talked through using the C panel.

We received a list of books to read,  including :

  • Resilient Web Design – Jeremy Keith
  • Learning Web design – Jennifer Robbins
  • HTML & CSS – Jon Duckett
  • The Shape of Design – Frank Chimero
  • A Book Apart (website) A  List Apart And Smashing (Magazines) – Sign up.
  • Online Reference Material – MDN Web Docs and Co drops.

I enjoyed our workshop and look forward to whats to come next week!





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