Wesco Rubbish Bin.

My third example of good design is the Wesco Bin, as you can see it isn't a normal everyday Rubbish bin, and that makes it an interesting focal point. The Spaceboy is firstly, shaped as a rocket. Its appealing and aesthetically pleasing look is what attracts you. But then it's not just that which makes it a good design object.

The futuristic Spaceboy XL BIN is constructed of high quality powder coated steel. It has a stainless-steel lid and a removable galvanised metal liner. Its innovative design is suitable for home or business use i.e. office, bar, restaurant. I like the durability of the bin and this was also a factor to my purchase. The Spaceboy Rubbish bin is made to last and that along with its look makes it a good design object.

A Wesco Space boy Rubbish bin